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Mom Blogger JacquelynThere are two ways to get to the kitchen from the stairs in my house. Take a hard right, and it’s down the hall directly into the kitchen. Take a soft right, and it’s through the living room, dining room (neither of which are really either) and then the kitchen. This morning, because I have loads of stuff to do, I took the circuitous route, stumbling over ice skates and boxes of Christmas decorations (see Friday’s Weekend To Do list, below), stopping first at the computer to call up my email and get going on that Work To Do list. On my screen is this: How to Fry Bacon. A small black cloud begins to form over my head. I cleaned the kitchen last night, stove and all. No dirty pots, pans, dishes, glasses. I haven’t had a dishwasher since August so the washing of dishes has taken on new importance. The small dark cloud is not too dense because I’m proud to see the resourcefulness of the computer user, and there is no proof that this wasn’t part of a school project or aimless computer surfing. I continue my walk through to the living room where the small dark cloud mushrooms—plates with toast crusts, scraps of bacon fat and little clumps of egg (don’t I own a cat?? where was she while all this sat out?!?). There’s a grapefruit rind in a bowl.
The bunny food is out too. Looks like lots of family members were hungry last night.
In to the kitchen, where I had to draw on deep breathing, mindful relaxation and steam coming from my ears. THREE dirty frying pans!!! Eggs and bacon. One pan, maybe two. But three?? Cutting board, knives, eggshells ON THE COUNTER. Milk FINISHED. That was the last milk in the house. No morning coffee for mum. High school kids have late-start mornings today. I HAVE NEWS FOR THEM! I am leaving the keyboard now to unleash some real BECAUSE I SAID SO!!! mothering.

I leave you with the Weekend To Do list, marked.

√ 1. put remaining Christmas decorations in boxes and label
√ 2. put Christmas boxes in garage
√ 3. make room in garage for boxes
√ 4. reorganize garage
√ 5. finish work project
6. get halfway through new project from work
√ 7. make two hot breakfasts
√ 8. make two balanced dinners
9. teach Luka how to skate (“you want me to go to skating at school? You want me to fall and tear my knees? and BLEED???”)
√ 10. take Luka and buddy to see The Pirates Who do Absolutely Nothing Nada Zip
11. call mum
12. call sister (which one you ask?? maybe both!)
√ 13. do laundry
√ 14. take kids to dance, shopping, friend’s party, another friend’s party
15. clean bunny cage
√ 16. seriously revisit the Chore Chart and see why I am the only one with happy face stickers (I lie. Luka has a few, Graydon 1, Tessa 1)

Not too shabby, 11 out of 16, with only partial marks for the Christmas decorations, since we haven’t said bye to the sugar houses and indoor decorative mini-lights (we have some up all-year round, but some of them HAVE to go).

Did see Veggie Tales movie. Review on Tuesday, that’s tomorrow.


2 Responses

  1. I totally understand where you are coming from … however one thing stands out … they didn’t disturb you to cook for them. Maybe you just need to remind them that part of cooking is the clean up and to be considerate about items that will be finished leaving you with none of it in the morning? I personally applaud their resourcefulness to cook for themselves I would let some because I said so mothering get some things understood about the full cycle of cooking for themselves 🙂

  2. Anne, I applaud your sunny-side up way of looking at things. I was thinking they might have burned the house down before bothering to tell me!
    I did investigate as to who looked up How to Cook Bacon = Graydon. He said any idiot can cook bacon, he was just checking. So I said good thinking for looking it up. It appears both he and Tessa cooked, leaving it open to interpretation WHO should clean the pans, both denied leaving eggshells on the counter and both deny leaving any plates in the living room. I am reminded of that newspaper comic The Family Circus, where Not Me! was guilty of just about everything!

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