Mom blog: Because I Said So! Making the weekend count

Mom Blogger JacquelynBack in 10 BC (BC=Before Children), the weekend yawned ahead from dinner hour on Friday until the latest I could sleep on Monday morning. Some weekends I holed up with chocolate milk, cheese balls (like cheesies, or the all-Canadian Cheezies, with the Z in the name, or Cheetos, from Frito-Lay, the company that I can credit with making me the girl I am today—and the maker of Flat Earth chips, one of THE BEST NEW SNACK THINGS ON THE MARKET: bag.png
—on The View two days ago Flat Earth gave product to all the members of the studio audience, sure, but I’m in my house, so once again, in the wrong place at the wrong time!!!—but in perfect bite-sized balls (which I have tried without luck to find, as recently as yesterday. But I did find some cheese balls on “the crunchiest blog on the interweb” and its companion website, which claim to have reviewed 3,772 snacks so far. Mmmm. I wonder if they’re hiring?), and back to the point of this sentence, all the newspapers and magazines I could carry and read. Or I’d clean. Or just hang out with boyfriend/husband and maybe friends.

Now weekends are different.

I have to cram in EVERYTHING. For four people.

This weekend’s list:
1. put remaining Christmas decorations in boxes and label
2. put Christmas boxes in garage
3. make room in garage for boxes
4. reorganize garage
5. finish work project
6. get halfway through new project from work
7. make two hot breakfasts
8. make two balanced dinners
9. teach Luka how to skate (“you want me to go to skating at school? You want me to fall and tear my knees? and BLEED???”)
10. take Luka and buddy to see The Pirates Who do Absolutely Nothing Nada Zip
11. call mum
12. call sister (which one you ask?? maybe both!)
13. do laundry
14. take kids to dance, shopping, friend’s party, another friend’s party
15. clean bunny cage
16. seriously revisit the Chore Chart and see why I am the only one with happy face stickers (I lie. Luka has a few, Graydon 1, Tessa 1)


Have a great weekend. See you Monday.


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