Mom blog: Because I Said So! What do kids dream about?

Mom Blogger JacquelynI was at a media function last evening—very special, and will be writing a two-parter on that next week, including the refreshments, which blew me away. I also got a little news on a friend from university whom I’m hoping will get in touch. All that aside, I WAS A MOTHER OUT OF THE HOUSE WITH THREE SIBLINGS AT HOME, TENDING TO ONE ANOTHER. I went to do quick groceries on the way home. My cell was at the bottom of my purse, and when I recovered it I saw 16 missed calls, all from home.
Fast forward to this morning. I go in to wake Luka, the seven year old, whose dreams always mirror the events of the previous day. I even allotted extra time this morning because after all the uproar of the previous night, I expected horrible, scary dreams and lots of detail (we alway talk dreams first thing when he wakes up). As he’s flickering his eyes, I say,

“So, wotcha dream about last night, scout?”

“If you do the lines of symmetry around the Earth, it’s not really even.”

“Oh really. (I’m figuring this is from some huge TV/animé/video game dream where the world implodes and another universe appears within the lines of symmetry). Why wouldn’t they be even?”

“Because of all the white.”

Must be some plasma or antimatter or a force-field thing.

“So, Luka, what do you think the white is?”

“Well it’s snow, Mummy, who know, at the North and South Poles. There’s no symmetry if all the snow is at the ends.”

He’s dreaming about geography or cartography or geoscience.

I dreamed I was driving a black Humvee with snow chains on the tires and I was parked in by Peter Falk in his beat-up jalopy.

I gotta start watching different TV.


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