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It’s Wednesday, and time for a spin on Works for Me Wednesday, a blog carnival hosted by Shannon at After you’ve read what works for me, left a comment or shared your own party idea, click through to Shannon’s blog, and you can read “what works for” other blog writers and readers.

The Chocolate Bar Detective

I started playing this game at Tessa’s 7th birthday and Graydon’s 5th, and it became a tradition at each of their yearly birthday parties. It takes up a good 20 minutes or more, and strangely enough, the prospect and act of eating chocolate bars keeps all kids interested!

You’ll need:
chocolate bars
flat-bottom paper lunch bags
bristol board or tack board

Before party:
1. Buy the number of bars you think wise—each one has to be cut into the number of kids attending. 8 kids= 1 bar cut into 8 pieces. If you have 12 kids at your party, buy 2 each of each variety of bar. When my guys were young, it was 5 bars max. When Graydon was 12, I think we had 10 bars. I warned parents. (When they were 10 years old, we added The Pop Detective, using 5 or 6 kinds of pop, and the kids had to be blindfolded because the colour of each drink is a giveaway.)
2. Write the name of one bar on the bottom of each bag. Number the bags on the side with an easy-to-read number, 1 through whatever number of bars.
3. Unwrap bar carefully, cut up bar into the number of kids attending, put pieces in paper bag. Make sure the bar corresponds to the bar written on the bottom!
4. Have birthday kid tape/tack the choco bar wrappers to a bristol board or tack board, in no particular order.
5. If you’re really keen, have birthday kid make a scoring sheet for each kid attending—kid’s name at top, number of bag being tested down the left side.

At party time:
You need one adult to oversee and make sure kids don’t take off with the paper bags, and one helper to write down the taster’s guesses.
6. Each kid takes a turn as taster. He or she sits down, kids gather round, kid can be blindfolded if older, or just shut his or her eyes as you pop the piece of chocolate in.
7. Kid gets to look at the board of all the wrappers, guess what they just tasted, the helper write the guess beside the corresponding number on that bag, and on you go with the same child, until he or she has tasted from all the bags.
8. After all the tasting is finished, the helper can take the bags away and do the scoring.

Since there is no way to back-track with kids’ guesses, you can score for real with older kids (if they can take it!) and for smaller kids, you can announce the top one or two winners, then say all the rest of the kids tied. Believe me, in all the years I’ve done this game, no one has ever argued over winning or asked for a candy prize! As well, no one has ever been sick (one girl opted out two years running because she didn’t like chocolate) (go figure!).

Be allergy alert, and make sure your guests are OK with the bars you pick. There are enough nut-free bars now to do this game with allergic kids too.

That’s it! It has worked for me for years! Now check the other WFMW posts!

See you tomorrow.


5 Responses

  1. What a great idea.

  2. Great game! My daughter is turning 5 in April so this will come in handy!

  3. I think that would be fun at adult parties. Especially the pop version, only maybe with wine.

  4. Hey, Ho Ho Ho, now that IS an idea! The Wine Detective, then The Cheese Detective, followed by The Liqueur Detective, followed by the Where is Your Guestroom/Pull-out Couch/A Pillow and Blanket Game! Send me an invite…

  5. I like that idea. All 3 of our little buggers have birthdaze in March. We usually have a party at the house so that would be a lot of fun for the 6y/o and 8 y/o.

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