Mom blog: Because I Said So! Cool mitts


Tessa’s new mittens are so cool I have to post. She got them the Saturday AFTER Boxing Day, 50 per cent off. Seven-year-old Luka took the photo. Daughter says her permission to run the pic is, and I quote:
“You MUST mention:
1. His name is Montegue
2. He has a brother whose name is Frederick.
Feel free to add that Montegue likes death metal and Frederick prefers gangsta rap. Yes, gangsta. Not gangSTER.”

There. Done.

Please take the time and leave a comment for yesterday’s question: How to get kids (including husbands and self) up in the morning?



2 Responses

  1. These are really cute! Where did she get them?

  2. Oh Helen, Tessa will surely be ticked at me for blabbing her source, but She bought them a week ago, so I figure all’s fair since it’s Fashion Friday, after all. She got them at Celadon in Sherway Gardens, Etobicoke. They have the name Delux on the label, if that’s any help. I can’t find a site (if they have one) so here’s the phone number. (416) 621-4942.

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