Mom blog: Because I Said So! Grade 2 grapevine


Yesterday morning, after only two weeks of nonstop kids, I had to take two of them to the doctor for a scheduled appointment. Luka was overjoyed to see a Grade 2 classmate there already, colouring at first, but cruising the waiting room by the time we arrived. Luka volunteered for Graydon to head in to the office first so he too could hang out.

Appointments finished, we went back to Luka’s school. In the office, we tell the principal and the secretary we’ve just been to the doctor, where we ran into Luka’s buddy.

“Oh that’s OK, we already know. He came right in and said, ‘Don’t worry about Luka, I already saw him at the doctor. He’s OK.’ ”

News travels at the speed of light.

After three o’clock, with Luka back in the car, I start my usual questions.

“So, how was school today?”

“You know half of it already, Mum.”

“Yes, I guess I do. How was the other half?”


“And what did you learn?”

“That you cannot hum in school. It’s against the law.”


“And know what else is against the law? If you eat peas with a knife the police can arrest you. And that Willem cannot go two minutes without making weird noises.”

“What kind of noises? Does he talk a lot?”

“Willem doesn’t talk. He just makes noises. Pat and Jack got a Wii. Murray is going on vacation on the 28th because his dad doesn’t like Christmas vacation. And Erin saved my spot in gym. I got homework, but Kiri said it wasn’t real homework. Wanna know what Terri said? To wait until I fall asleep to do it, then it sticks in your head. And I really, really liked Alvin and the Chipmunks. I would give it a very, very, very, very good rating. I’d give it four verys.”

Then humming from the backseat. It is Jingle Bells, still. He is one Christmasy kid.

“Is that Jingle Bells you’re humming?”

“Yes, but I can’t get arrested for humming outside of school. That’s a law too.”

What do you know?

One Response

  1. This is a delightful tale. I am so glad it isn’t against the law to hum outside of school. I do it all the time.


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