Mom blog: Because I Said So! Alvin and the Chipmunks, {{{Britney!}}}, back to school…

Mom Blogger JacquelynSo much to comment on, so little time!
Britney, Britney, Britney! My daughter, and all her friends, think you need a big hug. I think you need a life coach, an intervention and skilled psychiatrist/pharmacologist as well. Not one to be an armchair therapist (ha! don’t kid yourself, I wish I had the education and the qualifications), but I think we’re looking at a young adult with bipolar disorder and a number of substance use problems. No one can get themselves out of that situation, and very few people, no matter what their resources, can be an effective parent in the grips of mental health and substance use problems. She has fought the good fight, shown that she loves and wants her children, and she should place herself in qualified hands now and get better. The kiddies need a home and a competent parent, and the courts have said Dad is that. Miss Brit needs to heal and regroup. And receive tons of hugs.

images-2.jpgAlvin and the Chipmunks
We saw this flick this weekend, resisting the urge to see it during the holidays because the theatre “would be packed.” Duh. We went Saturday and guess what? The theatre was packed. We sat in Row 4, behind a woman of about 90 and her companions. This fascinated Luka, my now 7 year old. He was amazed a “grandma” would come to a kid show without a kid. After I got used to sitting in the fourth row (oh, my aching neck) and the kids settled in, we had a good time—unlike Enchanted though, I didn’t get the kick I like from a kids’ movie. There were the requisite potty gags, evil dude, sweet love interest, and a couple of snuggly moments (Theodore curling up with Dave after a bad dream), but it didn’t do it for me or the two 14 year olds or 16 year old. Luka was pretty happy with it, as was our grandma one row up—she laughed plenty.

images-3.jpgWe stood outside the theatre entrance as we regrouped after the movie. Luka was staring at the big poster there, and proceeded to point out Theodore and Simon’s mini-gansta hats and was pretty indignant about the poster showing something he didn’t see in the movie. Don’t oversell little kids these days—they are critical consumers (at least mine are). Before we even hit the car in the parking lot, Luka was asking about The Pirates Who Do Nothing, opening Jan. 11. Stay tuned for that review!

Back to School
What can I say? I’m always disappointed when holidays are over, even when I have been driven to distraction by the constant companionship of my wonderful offspring. I made lunches, packed a backpack, washed and dried snowpants and gloves for NO GOOD REASON since it’s 10 degrees this morning, cajoled and made too much toast, and now they’re all at school and I have to sort out MY bags and get to work!

See you tomorrow!

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