Mom Blog: Because I Said So! Easy-peasy Christmas craft for next year

Mom Blogger JacquelynIt’s January 4, Friday, the last official school day that the kiddies are home. Luka is singing “Jingle Bells” over and over, interspersed with singing his own personal Webkinz theme song, “We love each other, We wuv each other, We love each other, We wuv each other…” and the holiday atmosphere still pervades. We’ve been saving our last Christmas craft for just before we take down the tree, because we’re making decorations to store for next year. The best thing about this particular craft is that it has all the excitement of a science experiment with the magic of seeing something grow and the fun of making pipecleaner creations. Plus, you can have results in TWO HOURS!!!

borax-images.jpgBORAX TREE DECOS
You’ll need:
• a wide-mouth glass jar (or two or three, depending on your enthusiasm)
• a box of Borax (we used 20 Mule Team brand, in its fabulous retro design box, which I will leave on the kitchen shelf for a while because it looks so cool)
• pipe cleaners/chenille in Christmasy colours (or not), shaped into small candy canes. balls, holly leaves, snowflakes, stars, whatever, as long as they’re an inch narrower than the bottle mouth
• pencil/pen/stick/candy cane/dull knife
• thread or string
• boiling water

Fill glass jar to within and inch and a half of the top with boiling water. Put in half a cup of Borax. Stir madly. When it disolves, stir in a half cup more. Stir again. Keep adding until the water remains cloudy.

If you have enough pipecleaner left to suspend the decoration, slip it in.

If not, tie it with some thread or string and suspend it from a pencil across the mouth of the jar, as does Luka, here.


Here’s the candy canes, Luka’s Christmas balls, holly and berries, pretty sparkly from the borax (naturally occurring sodium, boron, oxygen and water), even though my camera doesn’t do it justice.



You can spray them with an acrylic sealant, but it isn’t necessary. We have some the kids made with my good friend Nadine the Beauty Queen 5 or so years ago, and they’re still intact!

Photographs by Tessa, visualist extraordinaire.

Have a great weekend!


2 Responses

  1. I’m impressed with your creativity! How do you manage all this and 3 children?

  2. wow these are great!! I wish I’d known about this years ago when my kids were younger. It’s all good though, I can pass it on to my grand babies when they get old enough.
    Have a great weekend!!

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