Mom blog: Because I Said So! Best-before date human experimentation

Mom Blogger JacquelynYesterday I wrote: “see tomorrow’s blog for the results of an unintentional human testing of best-before dating. I kid you not. So far, I’m the only one who knows we all ate something with a best-before date of July 11, 2007, last night. Tune in tomorrow to see if we’re all still here….”
We are. New Year’s dinner was to include Sobeys Compliments Cheese & Basil Filled Agnolotti ( I am reading off the label here). When I was shopping with Tessa for that dinner, and I saw the agnolotti in the refrigerator display case, I thought, “Hmmm, I wonder how that tastes; I wonder if you can really taste the basil?” I had one of those fleeting deja vu moments, as in, Haven’t I stood here and wondered the very same thing before? But it passed, I picked up the pasta and on we went.

Fast forward—shop, pay, home, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s lunch, New Year’s dinner, New Year’s dinner clean-up—and I stoop to return the tube of Gourmet Garden Basil Paste to the fridge door when I see a package of fresh pasta in the middle rack. Some kid must have unpacked that, I thought, we don’t put pasta on the fridge door shelves. I pull it out. I look at the label. I do a double-take. We just ate this. I boiled the water, opened the package, dumped the little agnolotti into the pot myself. Mental check: did I buy two of them? am I drinking too much? what am I drinking? who put something in the water? Then it slowly dawns on me what that deja vu moment was. I had stood there, at my beloved Sobeys deli department, and wondered if you could really taste the basil in the cheese and basil pasta—LAST SUMMER!!! BEFORE BARBEQUE SEASON because, as my memory flooded back, I had thought well before it gets really hot out and we’re barbequeing all the time, I’ll steam up the kitchen and try this pasta!

The best-before date on the package? July 11 or July 07—what does it matter? That pasta was six months past the due date.

And we’re OK. No one is sick. No one was slightly ill, or complained about anything. I have gone on a search for a link to the Compliments Cheese & Basil Filled Agnolotti, and found it strangely missing from the Compliments website, although as I sit here I have the new, best-before Feb 08 package on my desk. Hmmmm….

And after all that, sure you can taste the basil, but only a bit…

My sincerest apologies to Christine and The Foodie-file for again writing about food. I think we can all agree there is no competition here!

Two more days of kids home from school. Bowling fun this afternoon, and a craft! Yipee! Come back tomorrow for details on the craft, which you can do and then store for the tree next Christmas.


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