Mom blog: Because I Said So! Only 4 days left—help is here

Mom Blogger JacquelynFour days of shopping left: a major problem for many of us! Here is the best I can offer for last-trip-to-the-mall-shopping presents, gifts from little guys, and homemade bath salts (guest blogger Annie MacFarlane supplies the directions) for everyone on your list who needs to relax. Be absolutely sure to check back Monday morning, when I’ll post the Norad Santa-tracking site and a whack of other fun Santa-based stuff for kids on the first day of the holidays.

shopcrabtree_1978_4998741.gifGoing to the mall
There is one store I always buy gifts from every Christmas. Crabtree & Evelyn, my fave of faves, store where I actually mourn the passing of product lines (Susannah, spelled somewhat like that, a line of little girl toiletries that my little girl loved), go back every time I have a baby to get my supply of Tom Kitten stuff, buy myself a treat when I really need one. So, here are my faves, and I dare anyone to give any of these as a gift and not get top marks.

This is Christmas in a spray bottle. When I had to write a christmas story in August, I sprayed this around my desk area and I was instantly transported to Christmas is a country manor. Works even better at Christmas. Comes as spray, candle, oils, potpourri, etc.


Adore it. This is the scent of the Evelyn Rose, designed for the company by rose guru David Austin. Delicate scent + really rich cream = silky skin. Again, as is the way with C&E, this heirloom rose scent comes in triple-milled soaps, lotions, bath gels, eau de parfum and eau to toilette.


A lifesaver gift and lifesaver to own—roll-on fragrance in a goes anywhere tube. Excellent price, it cames in tons of scents and lasts a long time. It looks very very classy in a clutch, much nicer than the testermany of us carry (you know who you are!)


These are two of those items that once you try them you will keep buying them because the effect is miraculous. You massage the Hand Recovery, a creamy but grainy scrub, into your hands, cuticles, etc. for one minute, then rinse very gently with warm water, barely pat dry and then work in the Hand Therapy. A friend and I do this to each other periodically, like a hand massage swap, and we love it. I even got an ex-boss hooked on the hand therapy, and my boss was a Scotch-drinking, golf-playing guy’s guy!


I have a spotty collection of the Crabtree mugs. If any one find this in store, grab it for me!

That is my homage to Crabtree. I have NEVER had a product from that store that wasn’t the best!

Gifts from little guys
Take advantage of your little ones’ creative talents, because no mom, dad, grandma or grandpa can resist a work of art from a could-be Picasso or Manet. Set them up with gentle paint colours, gentle sparkles, a couple of straws to blow blobs of paint across the paper, white crayon or candle for resist, and anything else you might like. Start with paper cut to fit the frame you’re going to use. Voila!

This painting comes from the blog of artist Charles Eicher and in no way am I saying your kiddie’s little paws will turn out a fine piece like this, but shoot high! And then tell them to save it for a long, long time.

Homemade Bath Salt Giftables by Annie
Here is what Annie and her twisted sisters made for gifts this year—she says it’s dead easy, and has turned down my offer to write up the directions herself and appear briefly as a guest blogger.

So here goes:
get a big bowl or pot
empty epsom salts into pot
add 10 to 12 drops of essential oils—I just made sweet orange and jasmine
stir lots and lots to work out the clumps
put in glass jars or little Chinese takeaway boxes
Super easy!

Have a great weekend getting ready and taking it easy (HAHAHAHAHAHA).

Check back Monday for Norad Santa-tracking stuff!


3 Responses

  1. HI Jackie, That Crabtree & Evelyn thing must run in the family.. it’s my favorite place to shop for scents as well. My favorite over the years has been the Gardenia, but I also have Lily of the Valley & Rose as alternate favs.
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Hey what about products with no formaldehyde. This causes cancer.

  3. Thanks for bath salts recipe. I would also like to suggest since your putting them in glass jars you might as well add some herbs into it or some color instead.

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