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It’s time for my second entry into Works for Me Wednesday, a blog carnival hosted by After you’ve read my post on the making of Sugar Houses (and commented, please comment), click on the link and you’ll go to the host of Works For Me Wednesdays and a list of 150 or more links to bloggers who are also posting things that work for them—recipes, parenting ideas, easy crafts, crafty tips, you get the idea.
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One thing this blog is leading me to realize is how many of our Christmas traditions are food or food-related. Friday’s was the constructing of sugar cube houses. Some years the kids have made two each, which made for very limited space on the kitchen table for the rest of the holidays. Other years we’ve had the kids’ friends in to make houses to take home. This year, my 16-year-old daughter had her two best friends over for The Three People Christmas Party. She stayed up until 3 in the morning the day of to clear the kitchen table, make the place presentable and even hang snowflake lights and white crepe streamers. It looked so Christmasy!

Click on for tons of photos!

Next day, Graydon, Luka and I stepped up to the table and made ours. All you need is boxes of sugar cubes, an icing bag or Ziploc bags of royal icing (2 2/3 cups icing sugar, two egg whites, i teas. water, whip until stiff peaks), graham crackers, candies, pretzels, mini-marshmallows and away you go!


This is Luka’s house. He was going for a castle, hence the open effect, with boulders on the top to roll down on invaders. There is a skating pond surrounded by bushes, and a water pump so the gummy bear knights will always have something to drink.


Teddy at the water pump.


Graydon was going for a hacienda/western design. He is particularly proud of his window solution. The door is open “Because everyone is welcome.”


An angle view of the bench and its lovebird gummy bears in the front yard.


This is Tessa’s snow chalet, with front door overhang to protect guests from the elements, supported by marshmallow columns.


A hilltop view of the chalet.


Oh yeah, how’d you like to face this guy first thing in the morning when you report for work?!?


And now, the DIY part. Here’s my house under construction. I am being supervised by Mousie, one of Luka’s Kindersurpise guys. I’ve finished the walls, and am using graham crackers to support the roof.


After extremely liberal application of icing mortar, the sides of the roof go on and need to be supported briefly. I CANNOT BELIEVE my assistant did not arrange for a French manicure and massage of these hands before the shoot. I think someone is going to be fired.


The roof is on, the trees planted (upside-down ice cream cones), wreaths are hung, bench put out and the fence installation complete. And Mousie is still standing there, demanding to know why we don’t have a door like Graydon does. Supervisors!

If you make you own sugar houses, and trust me, kids love it or we wouldn’t have been making them for seven years now, PLEASE send me pics!

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8 Responses

  1. Love these! They’re great! What a good idea.

  2. A very creative family you have! Lovely ideas.

  3. My kids will have such a great time doing this project. Thanks for the idea.

  4. HI Jackie, These sugar houses are amazing!! Please give each of the kids hugs for me! Jen

  5. I love this idea. We just did our gingerbread house last night. This seems like less work.

  6. Personally I like the snowy/white one best…
    Probably because it’s mine (hahaha)
    I love you mum

  7. oh my poor kids never had such fun & now that they are all grown & have their own families I can suggest they give this a try … it looks like a great deal of fun was had by all and I do hope my grandchildren will have a chance to give this a try wtih their parents ~ thanks for sharing … and Tessa although yours is really lovely I’m not sure I could pick it over the others they are all so unique 🙂

  8. Great idea and how sweet!

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