Mom blog: Because I Said So! Snowflakes

Mom Blogger JacquelynNot a lot of things say wintertime like cutting snowflakes out of super-white paper. On the weekend, before the big kids got up, Luka and I sat on the living room floor amid the Bionicles and Bakugans and Bidimons (I believe I have those spelled close to correctly) and got busy making tiny little pieces of paper all over the carpet. I remembered how it always takes a while to get into the snowflake groove, to decide if angular is better (easier) or curves and arabesque shapes rule. You have to turn out a few three-pointed snowflakes before you realize you have to fold the whole thing over again to get six points. And so on. Then I remembered as I was ripping around the web one early morning I’d sent myself a cool snowflake-making site, where you can cut virtual snowflakes, and do your experimenting in a fraction of the time, and with no teensy-weensy paper scraps. The site comes complete with a catch-a-snowflake game of sorts where you can catch snowflakes and read the messages from the people who made them. Luka loved that. And there’s a counter too—it’s up to 5,634,236 snowflakes created, with 477 flakers online right now, I just checked. So cool. So go play.

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