Mom blog: Because I Said So! To H*** in a Handcart

Mom Blogger JacquelynThis weekend the wheels fell off the cart. We got the tree, Graydon recut the base, we put it up and by the time the branches fell we realized it had to be the most deformed tree on the lot. No amount of decorating will fix this thing. We face a decision tonight.
Daughter Tessa had her Three People Christmas Party, took lots of photos for the Mom Blog, and can’t find the right cable. So no pix of sugar houses today, sorry. Try again tomorrow.
It snowed all weekend. Our wonderful happily married neighbour, Scott, blew the driveway clear, thank you, thank you, but the snow kept coming and my children are shovel-phobic. The garage is therefore inaccessible, and it’s garbage day.
Christmas cards are arriving, none have gone out. I had a big work project underway, so I was in retreat. Dishes are piled everywhere. Deadlines are slipping past.
I went over to my holiday planning guru Cynthia the CEO at Organized, only to find that SHE IS RETIRING. I have followed this woman’s organizing plans—start in October and by December 1 all your Christmas planning, cards, baking, freezing and decorating is finished—with printouts, schedules, recipes, for years. I look away for what seems like an instant, and she’s retiring (not that an active grandma shouldn’t have a life of her own, but come on!). She says she’s leaving everything in capable hands. I hope so.
This is my new normal!

But as I was freaking out, I had one dark/bright thought in my mind. December 17 is the anniversary of Graydon’s cancer diagnosis. We spent the weekend at home with a printout of blood counts saying he had an ANC of close to zero, waiting for a fever. He couldn’t go to his buddy’s birthday sleepover party. I took him to my office on Sunday, where he helped me wrap work gifts in tissue paper, stuff gift bags, make hot chocolate and run down the empty halls like 8 year olds love to do. The next morning we were at Sick Kids at 8:30, and by 3:30 had a diagnosis of leukemia.

That was six years ago. As I write this he is sawing it off in bed upstairs with the morning off school for an appointment we’d better get ready for fast. Will he remember what day it is? We have had lunch out on this day in past years, but this year I’m not saying anything. If he remembers, I’ll buy lunch. If he doesn’t, I’ll take it as a good sign of moving on, three and a half years into being a survivor.



4 Responses

  1. Wait to go, Graydon. Personally, if there is a free lunch involved I can manage to remember just about anything. Funny that.

  2. Wow… strange day to finally catch up to your blog.. Dec 17th… Congratulations to Graydon on being cancer free for 3 1/2 years.
    So my 2 bits… Christmas hasn’t been much for me the past few years, most of my kids are gone & I’m single.. so no tree, a few cards, I may get them out before the New Year, maybe after… until this year.
    My 2 moved-away boys decide to come home for Christmas this year, one for good, the other ’till January, and I’m in the middle of a basement reno. Good timing!! Well, I’m really excited to have the boys coming home, despite the mad rush to get the basement finished. I have 3 days to paint 9 gallons onto my many, many walls!!! I had to wait for drywall mud to dry yesterday, so took advantage of a card day. Now I have a huge load of Christmas cards with no stamps. Went to the post office today to see a line almost out the door… turned around and came home.. sigh.. I’ll try tomorrow morning at 8:00 before I get painting!! (and yes there is actually a card arriving at your place this year Jackie… well, eventually!). Not sure when I’ll have time to get a tree, I may inherit one from my friends who are going away on Friday. They’ve had one up since November.. so why not recycle!!??
    Either way, Merry Christmas to you and the kids, maybe we’ll get a chance to hang out next summer if I make it back there. love, jen

  3. Great to hear from you! You’re right about the weird timing. I’m glad two are coming home for Christmas—will you get a tree? Can they headout in the wood and chop one?

    The Christmas card thing has passed me again. Oh well! I’ll try after-Christmas cards this year. You’re renoing a basement? I envy you. Maybe you wouldlike to come to my house for two weeks and we’ll create a attic. I need the space!

    I’m glad you fpound the blog—visit and comment all you like! Love, jac

  4. Hi Jackie, I’m happy to have found the blog too. We can keep up a little better now. As for Christmas, I’m hoping to get a tree, but the basement is all consuming at the moment.
    We’ll definitely head out into the woods and chop one, maybe on Monday.. (what day is Christmas??) This time last year I was doing a kitchen reno.. what is it with me and bad timing?? hmmm… I’ll try to remember to send pictures.. or if you have a facebook account, there are kitchen pics there,basement pics to follow when it’s all set up.
    I’d LOVE to come and reno your attic!!! It’s what I want to do full time.. working towards that at the moment. We’ll see if I make it back east next summer.. I think I may be paying off reno bills all year, but I’m going to try for August some time.

    I wish you and the kids a very Merry Christmas!!!

    love, jen

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