Mom blog: Because I Said So! Feel-good gifts

Fight dirt and cancer at the same time

I hope you played Works for Me Wednesday yesterday. These blog festivals are the best! Where else can you get such good info in one place, from so many funny, talented, engaging people? (Except, of course, from Canadian Living!). I’ll be playing it for a few weeks, so we can all decide.

So today I bring you feel-good gift-giving again, this time in the form of luxurious, hand-made soaps from Nakee Handcrafted Natural Skincare. Candy the owner and creator, had always had an interest in health and alternatives to store-bought goods, particularly in the body care area.

She started small, and has grown very nicely—100266 requests since june 2006—to include soaps, creams, lip, sport oils, mood sticks, tons of fun stuff.

For Christmas she has limited edition scents Caramel Taffy Apple, Pumpkin Gingerbread, Autumn Earth (patchouli/spicey), Blue Christmas (eucalyptus mint), Epiphany (forest), lemon balsam (lemon/spruce), frankincense and Myrrh, and Spiced Plum. YUMMY!

A fellow cancer mom, her son, Jonathan, was diagnosed just before his senior year of high school, and is approaching the end of treatment. Candy creates a special soap every month for Soap for Hope—Caffe Mocha this month, I think—and all the profits of that particular soap go to a cancer charity of some kind, whether for research or development or support of families (a list is on her site).

Makes me feel all warm and sudsy inside.

Go order some and see you tomorrow!


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