Mom blog: Because I Said So! Socks!


This such an un-Christmasy subject, but as I have asserted in the past and will continue to believe: it all comes down to laundry.

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Things I Know about Socks
1. They will disappear way before they get to a clothes washer—taken off while playing behind the couch, in the car, at Wendy’s if a boot is leaking.
2. You should always buy socks to match your carpets: dark carpets, dark socks; white carpet, white socks; dark carpets + white socks = white socks with grubby soles.
3. You should buy socks to match each other: all man socks should be black, all boy socks should be navy blue or grey, little boy socks should be grey socks with spiderman, black socks with batman. That way, even if they don’t match, the heroes make it a pleasant mix’n’match fashion statement.
4. Convince daughters from birth that socks do not have to match, that her personality and creativity can be expressed through clever pairing of girl socks: a sun on one foot, a flower on the other, dark pink on one, pale pink on the other.
5. Socks should be safety-pinned together before hitting the laundry area.
6. Failing that, the laundress-rhymes-with-goddess should safety pin matches or near matches together before the washer.
7. If kids are old enough, the safety-pinned socks go from the dryer into the clean basket for distribution in rooms. If kids are wee, their socks go into the socks-only basket.
8. Unpinning sock pairs is best done by lazy people who need to watch TV. Put the socks-only basket in front of them. No sock unpinning, no TV.
9. I don’t waste time putting the little guy’s socks in his room or dresser drawers. His socks are in a cubby right by his shoes and boots by the door. The socks are the last thing he thinks about when getting dressed, so they’re in the perfect place. Saves a trip upstairs every single morning yelling “Socks!!
10. Mum doesn’t wear socks, per se, so I never worry about my son or daughter stealing mine: I wear black trouser socks (tons of different patterns, but who ever sees them?) or those socks with separate toes, in freaky stripes, or with little woodland animals for each toe, or tassles, which my feet adore and my kids are mortified by.

Those socks look great! So what if they don’t match? Why? Because I said so!

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3 Responses

  1. I have been visiting Rocks in my Dryer for years now! Glad to see it on Canadian Living too!

    I have always bought my 10yr old son the same kind of socks – so that we can always find a “pair”. Haines with the white top/grey bottom. Mine have the grey toe & heel to avoid confusion and DH’s are all white (and much larger so it really isn’t a prob).

  2. The ever disappearing socks – what is a mom to do? LOL That’s probably the best solution – getting ALL the same color for each person. That way you don’t have to go finding the “other” sock. =)
    Socks by the shoes is a good idea also.

  3. Socks make the best stocking stuffers. They take up lots of room and you don’t have to wrap them.
    In our house? Dad socks are black or argyle, teenage socks are gray or work socks, teenage daughter all white sports socks or little cutie rainbow things. Me? I can’t tolerate socks. I wear bare feet in my emus.

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