Mom blog: Because I Said So! Gifts to people far, far away

girl and her goatWhile cleaning the kitchen on the weekend, my daughter (sitting at the table, eating an apple) and 6-year-old son (playing under the table) were talking as I (standing at sink working on my dishpan hands) listened in. They were talking about what to get for whom for Christmas.
She said she’d like to get a goat for grandpa, and Luka asked if you would keep a goat in a cage like we do the bunnies. Tessa said no, they need a penned-in area.
“Like their backyard?”
“No honey, the goat isn’t for grandpa really, we buy it for him but a family in a poor country gets it.”
I’m getting ready for a classic kid-doesn’t-grasp-the-concept conversation, when Luka says, “Oh, like the mosquito net or that school kit?”

Apparently they’d already been through Plan Canada’s latest Gifts of Hope Catalogue. The brochure is bright and colourful, and lets you see the gifts in action. For those of us who couldn’t wait for The Wish Book to appear every winter, this is a wish book of a more contemporary kind.

It’s a good thing.

Mosquito nets so a family of five in Uganda can sleep without bites and the danger of disease: $25

A goat to feed the family with nutritious milk, and perhaps even sell the surplus for a little extra income: $40.

The gifts cover a wide range of needs and hit all price points. Plan Canada is non-denominational and child-centred, and gives us a solid opportunity to teach our kids how much they have and how little other children have.

Check your mail box, shelf, file drawer (recycling box, you’re forgiven) or check it out at

And as it turned out, Luka thought you got a goat AND the person you bought for got one too. The cat and the bunnies are enough, thank you, dearie.

Are you going to be giving a gift of hope this year? What will you be sending?


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