Mom blog: Because I said so! Personalized labour gift certificates for Christmas

Mom Blogger JacquelynSo, you think that’s a long title for today’s post? Think I sound bossy? impatient? looking for trouble with the labour unions, or child advocates?
None of the above.
I want to give my little blog a title in addition to Mom Blog, so I’m trying out Because I Said So! because that has got to be one of the best Mom refrains I’ve ever heard. I was raised with it, swore I’d never say it to my kids, want to say it every hour or so, but struggle to give a reasoned response that will guide my children in their struggles to grow, but scream it inside my head all the time. I’m letting it loose here! Let me know what you think!

Girls’ night out
My friend and I went to see Women Fully Clothed Friday night, and if you live in eastern Canada and have a show coming up, grab some tickets! It was an absolute howl, from beginning to end. Skits about parent school councils, shopping, psychics, husbands who can’t remember things (read: anything), female bonding, parental embarrassment, so funny my 16-year-old daughter went Saturday night and loved it too. She didn’t quite get the menopause jokes, but the shopping skit made up for it. My friend and I, on the other hand, did get all the humour, laughed our butts off, and made use of every minute we weren’t laughing to gab. Now all we have to do is work on our frequency of getting a girls’ night out.

Personalized labour gift certificates for Christmas
After a weekend of worrying about Christmas gifts and money and the benefits of dropping out of modern society, I am resurrecting the gift certificate for this Christmas. My kids have received them from me over the years—and hauled them out at the most inopportune times for redemption—and they’ve made them for me—I redeem over the next three days or they claim they’re no longer valid. I cherish the ones from kindergarten age, and would never let them go.

But now that money is really counting, I’m looking at certificates as a true substitute for commercial gifts. A car detailing job costs my 14-year-old nothing but his time, but saves me $50. (Ha! I’ve had a car detailed once, $50, then totalled it on the 401 less than one week later—no word of a lie!!)

If you’re agreement, I have the link for you. Here, you’ll find a super-easy Gift Certificate template where all you have to do is click and print. The gifts are even organized in parent-to-child, parent-to-parent or child-to-parent categories—I love the friend-to-friend 50 minutes of therapy gift. Just be sure you don’t give a Night of Aroma Therapy to your kiddie’s teacher!

Happy printing! See you tomorrow.


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