Mom blog: Because I said so. Back to work?

Mom Blogger JacquelynHere’s a question every one of us has had to wrestle with—after you’ve been sick, when do you go back to work?
For 19 years I have been working in an office (out and home) and have been one of those intolerable you’re-sick?!?!-what-do-you-mean- you’re-sick-have-you-had-a-heart-attack? workers/managers, going in to work for a full day with bronchitis, pink eye, strep, walking pneumonia (that’s why they call it “walking” pneumonia, so you can get in the door and to your desk).
You haven’t seen me post for two days—which is weird, because I’m sure I wrote a blog entry Wednesday—because I have been sick. No details, suffice it to say Luka, my six year old, was throwing up in Dad’s car Tuesday night, and it was infectious.

I surface this morning with a clear head,
rush to the computer, and what? One billion e-mails between three accounts, not counting my legal associates and foreign lotteries needing my help to offload millions of dollars and drug-makers who want me to last longer during sex (ROFL). On the kitchen front, someone has forgotten that the dishwasher died in August and we have been washing dishes by hand since then, and it is full of dirty dishes. So is the sink. So are the counters. There is no bread. The clothes washer has a damp load from Monday night. The living room is unnavigable.

The question is answered—I gotta get back to work. This is the first stop, many more to come.

Have a great weekend! Talk to you Monday.


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