Mom blog: Girls’ night out!

Women Fully Clothed
How long has it been since you had a girls’ night out? A real night out, not just a salad, or a drop-off the kids and dash around for a glass of wine, but a buy-tickets-and-wear-real-shoes night out? I am so long overdue for an evening that doesn’t involve wrestling for a remote, sorting socks and listening to bickering that I am forcing myself out into the cold this Friday night for Women Fully Clothed, a comedy show that is playing The Winter Garden Theatre now, but is kicking off a tour
that will include dates in eastern, central and western Canada. The show is five female comedians whom Eugene Levy calls “The five funniest women in Canada”—Robin Duke (Saturday Night Live, North of 60), Debra McGrath (Little Mosque on the Prairie), Kathryn Greenwood (Wind at My Back, Whose Line is It Anyway?, Second City), Jayne Eastwood (Billable Hours, tons of TV and film) and Teresa Pavlinek (Second City, History Bites). As far as I know, there are still tickets, but it closes in Toronto Saturday night.

And I can’t wait. I’m going with an excellent girlfriend, mother of two, colleague in a past life (and we figure a sister in a real past life) and therapist extraordinnaire. We are going to unravel, de-stress, complain and compliment, laugh our butts off and say “We should do this every week!”

But, if we did it every week, would it be that fun?



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