Mom blog: List for Dec 1 & 2—how’d you do?

Mom Blogger JacquelynWhen I made that list on Friday of what needed to be done on the weekend, I can admit I didn’t have too high of hopes that much would be achieved. Add in all the snow and wind and rain—icky!—and I figured the days would be write-offs. Not too totally so!
We rented Shrek 3 and watched it when resting a total of five times—according to Luka, I logged three half times of watching, which makes a whole, which means more coaching in math. We visited the paternal grandparents for Grandma’s birthday, dinner and cake. Graydon made a monumental effort in re-organizing the basement. And here’s how the list went:

Mum’s List for First December Weekend
√ 1. gather all Hallowe’en stuff (witch’s hat, green wig, Fantastic 4 flaming, talking gloves, and the two boxes already filled), label and put in garage.
√ 2. find outdoor Christmas lights in garage, and hold until it gets warmer outside
√ 3. take out wreath and hang on front door
√ 4. put vine wreath in garage
5. rake remaining leaves from lawn and driveway to the front of the yard (SNOW CAME TOO EARLY)
6. sweep rest of leaves from front steps (AS ABOVE)
7. clean off porch of anything not Christmasy
√ 8. pack away stuff off the mantel, put in garage
9. decorate mantel (box in basement) (NO, IT WASN’T)
10. relocate bunny cage from in front of fireplace so Santa will be able to get in
11. clean bunny cage so Santa will want to come in
12. finish putting away folded summer clothes (I think we’re safe to do that now) and put boxes in garage
13. organize boxes in garage so door will actually shut (DOOR SHUT REGARDLESS, SO NO ORGANIZING)
√ 14. locate Christmas cards
√ 15. clean off kitchen table to make room to write Christmas cards
√ 16. make list of stuff to buy, starting with stamps
√ 17. find computer printer
18. use computer paper to make snowflakes (FOUND SCISSORS)
√ 19. add scissors to “things to buy” list (SCISSOR SKILLS NOT UP TO SNUFF YET)
√ 20. hang up chocolate advent calendar. DO NOT EAT ALL THE CHOCOLATE. EXPLAIN THE CONCEPT TO LUKA.

Holiday preparations have begun in earnest. Yee-ha!


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