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I am still reeling from the public relations gaffe of yesterday—not the pretend bomb at the ROM in Toronto (the “art” student should be studying life from inside the forensic system for a while as a thank-you for wrecking a charity gala), or the Australian firm that instructed its Santas to say “Ha ha ha” instead of “Ho ho ho” this year, but the situation I found myself in yesterday—three kids sick for almost a week and three report cards delivered home the day before interviews. Three kids, three different schools, all with parent-teacher interviews on November 29 afternoon and evening. Given even two days of notice, I might have been able to organize some semblance of order. As it was I feel asleep with a pillow over my face, fully clothed, as I was turning down the covers for Luka. No worry, I did wake up an hour later and stopped the partying of three kids looking at a PD day today, Friday. Will the fun ever end?

Ah, the first weekend in December
It is here, the weekend that Christmas really starts. And, as I mentioned, all three kids have a PD day. What to do with all that no-school-today energy? Mummy has made a list! Just like Santa does, so do I. When they wake up and find I have escaped to the office early, they’ll be directed to come here to Mum’s blog, and read what Santa will be checking up on!

What is Martha doing?
I often ask myself this question, and always referred to Martha’s calendar in the magazine. She would be refluffing the hay and adding gingerbread trim to the Chesapeake Dwarf Cheesecake Chickens’ roosts or something like that. But I’m at a loss as to what she’s doing this weekend. I’ll have to check when I get home.

Mum’s List for First December Weekend
1. gather all Hallowe’en stuff (witch’s hat, green wig, Fantastic 4 flaming, talking gloves, and the two boxes already filled), label and put in garage.
2. find outdoor Christmas lights in garage, and hold until it gets warmer outside
3. take out wreath and hang on front door
4. put vine wreath in garage
5. rake remaining leaves from lawn and driveway to the front of the yard
6. sweep rest of leaves from front steps
7. clean off porch of anything not Christmasy
8. pack away stuff off the mantel, put in garage
9. decorate mantel (box in basement)
10. relocate bunny cage from in front of fireplace so Santa will be able to get in
11. clean bunny cage so Santa will want to come in
12. finish putting away folded summer clothes (I think we’re safe to do that now) and put boxes in garage
13. organize boxes in garage so door will actually shut
14. locate Christmas cards
15. clean off kitchen table to make room to write Christmas cards
16. make list of stuff to buy, starting with stamps
17. find computer printer
18. use computer paper to make snowflakes
19. add scissors to “things to buy” list
20. hang up chocolate advent calendar. DO NOT EAT ALL THE CHOCOLATE. EXPLAIN THE CONCEPT TO LUKA.

And that’s it for now. Santa is watching, kiddies.

I’ll be posting a true and honest accounting of what we achieved on this list on Monday. If you have a To Do list for this weekend, and it’s on the computer, copy it into the comments box and send it on—I’d love to see it!

Have a great weekend!


2 Responses

  1. I actually had 2 pairs of kitchen scissors in my room and I THINK I brought one down…. possibly. Why do I not see:
    21. Going out shopping with Tessa at Forever 21
    I would add it for you if I had your password but I do not.
    I’ll try and get Luka to pry himself from the magical television screen playing “Yugioh”, and maybe he’ll help. I doubt this will happen without an argument, but I can try.
    Love you and I’m calling you again if you forget to call back in 10 minutes.
    Love Tessa

  2. if u can get your kids to do this, this weekend i will hire them net weekend!! lol

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