Mom blog: Photo homage to fall

Mom Blogger JacquelynThank You!
Such beautiful photos! After running photo contests for years, and being both surprised and horrified at what came in, I can say honestly that this one was a breeze. Excellent shots, good guesses on the resolution, and with snow and ice all over the dead leaves here, a welcome sight. Next time, I will give a little more notice and an incentive of some kind. I know a lot of readers are occasional readers, and that tons and tons of those never think to reply, but that’s OK. As you read and become more familiar, I just know you’re going to want to say hi!

On with the pics!

Tessa and Luka
This was sent in by Tessa, a faithful reader.

Caden in the corn. Can you tell his mother knows her way around a camera?

Where’s Cade?
Where’s Cade?

Mum Shelagh makes her living as an artist—can you tell by these pics?

Caden in a sea of pumpkins

Gathering content for the leaf press

Boy on the go collage from Toronto


>>I am challenged when it comes to sizing photos—apparently you get the tiny one, above, or the huge one, below, or, as I’ve decided, both!hpim4599.JPG
Rebecca and little Hank pumpkin-picking

Handsome Hank waiting for the Great Pumpkin to come flying by…
Handsome Hank waiting for the Great Pumpkin to come flying by….

This was sent from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, snapped at the very end of September!

Norma’s leaves
Norma sends us signs of her fall in Massachusetts!

Thanks again everyone.


One Response

  1. SUCH adorable pictures! AND I must say the first picture of Tessa and Luka was taken by yours truly!
    Good shots!

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