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Our American neighbours are in the midst of Black Friday right now—Macy’s opened at 4 a.m.; some stores opened at midnight (that’s far more civil than 4 a.m.). Black Friday? What’s black about getting deals and making sales? Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929: worst day ever on Wall Street. Black Monday, October 19, 1987: largest percentage loss in the American stock market. But Black Friday? It refers to the colour of the ledger ink that this day’s shopping will cause—big sales, stores are in the black, poor sales and stores are in the red. Those Americans—thought-provoking names for everything!

And now, on with the review
My film-reviewing crew and I hit the theatre in the middle of a rainstorm Wednesday evening for opening night of Disney’s latest, Enchanted. All I knew going in was what I saw on the trailers on TV: a revisionist fairy tale starring Amy Adams, James Marsden, Susan Sarandon and Patrick Dempsey.

And yay! A fabulous movie, so funny I thought I might lose it a few times (my daughter said I did lose it, but then so did the dad behind us). It is so unabashedly Disney that I love those brainiacs more than ever—they revelled in their own Disneyess more than any other filmmakers could have. From twittering birds tying the sash on Giselle’s wedding dress, to rats armed with toothbrushes scrubbing the lawyer’s toilet, the whole thing was a romp. And a clean romp—despite the PG rating, you could take a child of any age, girl or boy, to see this movie. If there is any part to be warned about, it’s at the very end, you can tell it’s coming, and if you say “there’s a big blue dragon at the end” it’ll all be fine. The theatre had lots of pink-clad three- and four-year-olds, and there wasn’t even a gasp.

I don’t want to tell you about the best parts, just be assured that the humour is not adult like many animated “kid” flicks, but is just honestly fun, and it’s the depth of knowledge and/or exposure to Disney’s other classics that makes it so funny for adults. And there’s a happy ending that doesn’t leave you with aching teeth and a desire to brush (er, maybe that was the scene with the rats…).

And my six year old says they’re not rats, they’re just long mice. Disney rules!

And when the Big Kiss scene inevitably occurred, he sat there on the edge of his seat saying “Just do it! Just do it!” My own little blond Nike ad!

Some pics for you:

Scary mom
Oh, yes, all we mums would like to be wearing this outfit when we first come face to face with our son’s fiancee.

The animation caught Susan Sarandon pretty well.

As much as I abhor the expression “a deer in the headlights” that is the only way to describe Giselle when she pops up in Time Square.

Giselle and the lawyer
This is as racy as the movie got (sigh of relief).

The old hag and Giselle
The old hag tries to lead Giselle astray, but there’s more than a poisoned apple waiting for her.

Lawyer and Giselle
Amy Adams really does look like a Disney princess. And so do I. But I won’t cut up my drapes to prove it!

Five out of five stars. If you see it on the weekend, please add a comment when you can and tell me what you thought.

I’m going to my first-ever Cookie Exchange party this weekend. Wish me luck and an oven that does not die…



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  1. Kinda funny to see McDreamy in a Disney flick! I love the animated version of Susan Sarandon.

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