Mom blog: Photo call!

Mom Blogger JacquelynI was watching CNN Saturday morning (or listening, actually, while washing all the dang dishes because of that stupid, sulky dishwasher that refuses to work). Thanksgiving week has started for our American buds, and I was wondering, when did it become Thanksgiving week instead of weekend, or has italways been referred to as Thanksgiving week? We took down the Halloween decos last week, and bought LED lights for the front yesterday. Gads! Time moves quickly.

Graydon and Luka

We had a fleeting Martha moment on the weekend (and it’s a sad thing: Martha’s mum passed away this weekend). One child was raking a quarter of all of Toronto’s leaves—they all fall on our lawn—another played in the leaves and the third tidied up the back deck. I was pruning the grape vines and weaving them into vine wreaths, complete with all those wild little curlicue tendrils. Then I took a turn at the leaves, making the piles quite massive, and then the leaf diving began, this year made very George-of-the-Jungle-like with our front yard tire swing and a huge pile of leaves just off the end of a big swing.

Of course, the camera came out—nothing like rolling around in crunchy leaves to inspire happy pics!

And then I thought, who else is doing this very thing? And would they send me their photos for a fall photo gallery? So, it’s a fall photo call!

Please send me your leaf-raking pictures, leaf fort pictures, fields of bundled grass/hay, closing the cottage/dry-docking the boat, pumpkin-rolling, apple-picking pictures—whatever fall means to you. I’ll remind you all week (until you send them) and post on Friday.

If you want to write a caption or credit, please do, otherwise, I’ll just post them collage style. And pet pics are great too—our bunnies haven’t seen autumn yet.

And, please use, since I’m not sure how the Comments feature will handle photos!

Here are some of mine. Now, show me yours!


Tessa and LukaTessa and LukaLukaLuka and Tessa


7 Responses

  1. Fabulous photos! The combination of a very large dog, a small yard, and many trees makes it rather unsafe to roll around anywhere on our property. But it looks very picturesque.

  2. that picture of me is awful
    but thank you formaking it very smallsonoone can tell
    love you

  3. TESSA! Silly goose its a fabulous picture of you.
    You look VERY care-free and wispy and pretty!

  4. OH and AMAZING blogs Jackie!
    Me AND my Mom LOVE them!

  5. Fantastic pics! I’ll see if I have any to send since we are of the “let the leaves rot and fertilize the lawn plus it will snow any day now” school of raking.

  6. I enjoyed your leaf and kiddle pictures. You’re lucky you raked the leaves in time. We had a big snowstorm and now ours are covered until spring – which will not be a pretty sight come April!
    I would love to see your grape vine wreaths – how clever of you!

  7. Okay no pictures to share as we don’t really have a great lawn so if we let the leaves get covered with snow we don’t actually care all that much ~ & yes we then have to deal with it in the spring UGH. That and the fact the my little ones are the grand babies & I haven’t been with them when they were dealing with the lawn care/ playing in the leaves etc. so I really enjoyed seeing your pictures & I think they are all lovely. Your children (I’m guessing we are seeing your lovely daughter & your handsom younger son in them)… certainly do look as if they were enjoying the day. Thank you for sharing & I do love to read your blog!!!

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