Mom blog: Fat-A-Thon

Mom Blogger JacquelynIt’s no secret my son Graydon had leukemia, diagnosed at 8, chemotherapy until he was 11, off-treatment and a survivor for three years now. It’s no secret that it changed his life and our family’s life forever. We all carry the aftermath, him most of all (don’t get me started!).
But, enough about me. I want to introduce you to a fabulous woman whom I met on my ALL-KIDS (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia-KIDS) listserve support group—Alicia. Alicia’s daughter, Avalon, was diagnosed three years ago—when she was 17 months old—with the same cancer. The family weathered the storm, but the storm kept coming, with the end result that Avalon needs a shunt in her brain, which has failed once, to survive, is osteoporetic, and has an autoimmune disease from the chemo.

Time for a mum to curl up and cry?


Alicia has started her own campaign to raise awareness for kids with cancer, and it’s a Fat-A-Thon. She has a site, photos and all, as she tracks her weight loss. She’s got speaking engagements, and is taking pledges.

Three days ago, her letter A priceless reason to pass childhood-cancer legislation was published in The Hill, an influential and widely read publication in the political world in D.C.

Here is her site Please check in, spend some time, and then hug your kids.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. There’s one brave woman !!njd

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