Mom blog: Does it all come down to laundry?

Mom Blogger JacquelynI’ve been thinking a lot about laundry lately.
1. Could it have to do with my broken dishwasher—as I washed the umpteenth load of dishes this morning, I thought, “What if the washer breaks down and I have to do laundry by hand?”
2. Playskool’s new Rose Petal Cottage has been getting lots of play on CourtTV, during the show cause hearing for O.J. and the alleged get-my-stuff-back caper in Las Vegas. The little cottage has a little washing machine, and the ad shows a cute little toddler girl shoving clothes in the washing machine. Eeeyuk. Tea parties. Baking cookies. Not doing the laundry.
3. Because of the placement of said ad, I can’t help but think of the bloody glove every time.
4. LG’s ad for the washing machine that can handle 16 pairs of jeans at a time. My 6-year-old says, “Mummy, what family has 16 pairs of dirty jeans?”
5. My mum and her new hip have given rise to the biggest design dilemma upset our family home has ever seen. The laundry room, like The Jeffersons, is a movin’ on up—to the second floor. This is so my mum won’t have to go downstairs to do laundry any more. If women had been designing homes all along, the washers and dryers would never have been in the basement. As soon as water could be forced upstairs to a shower, it would’ve been forced up for washing the clothes as well.
So this weekend, it’s the Flight of the Appliances up two flights of stairs into one of the back bedrooms. I think this is something Dad should have given deep thought to—there will now be no excuses like:

“What? The laundry gets done in the basement?!”


“Well, if I knew where the machines were, of course I’d do my own washing.”


“Any idiot can do his own laundry.” (That might have been said to my brother a few years ago. I’m not sure.)

I think with a few lessons from the three girls, Dad will be instrumental in halving the amount of laundry Mum has to do!! Good thinking all around girls!


4 Responses

  1. Movin’ on Up is a great alalogy for the laundry. It is a GREAT idea !! njd

  2. alalogy – please read ANALOGY njd

  3. I think it’s a wonderful thing that your dad may finally learn how to wash a load of laundry… persoanlly I taught my oldest son once he was 10 how to wash his own clothes (he’s been doing so ever since) and so on with each child … in fact by the time my youngest was doing his own laundry all 5 of us took responsiblity for our own clothes & bedding … the only thing that was a “family” responsiblity was the towels & dish towels if there was enough for a wash load whoever was aware of it had to put them in the washer & turn it on!

  4. I agree that teaching your kids how to do their own laundry is a great thing. Both my kids have been doing their own laundry since they were in grade 7. Sure makes them think a bit more before they try on four outfits and discard the “not quite right” combos on the floor.

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