Mom blog: oh no, the big truth.

Mom Blogger JacquelynLast night was that night every mother, and parent, dreads (aside from news of fire, accident, disease, kidnapping, poisoning, incarceration, unplanned pregnancy, OK, there are lots of things we parents dread).
Upon tucking into bed, 6-year-old son says, “I know where babies come from.”
“Yes, honey, we all do. From Mummy.”
“No, I know how it got there.”
“Sure, from a little collection of eggs—”
“I know how you MAKE IT!”

Oh God. I thought I had a year, at least, this time.

Then he clammed up. All he would say was his cousin Kevan told him (9 years old), that he told his brother, Graydon, that he told his dad, and that he would NEVER tell me because I would be too “ah-barrassed.” I laid down beside him and started a serious conversation, and within 30 seconds he was sound asleep.

No doubt those weren’t sugar plums dancing in his head last night.

This morning, no mention of it.

Do you have any ideas? Guidance? Share with me and I’ll share what happened with my first two kids.

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4 Responses

  1. I’m sure you needed one more spoke in the wheel of learning handed to you at this moment in time !! njd

  2. Tell him the truth, when 2 people love each other, they want to share thier love and daddy helps mommy make a baby. Use doctor terms e.g. penis, vagina. Knowledge is power, never lie to your child about the facts of life. I didn’t. Sex is a very natural part of life, mostly it is the parents that have the hang ups, the children are like. ohhh wow! I got a video off of the tv showing the egg fertilization process the baby forming. You might try this. Your local library might have just what you need. If not, there are books that will explain the same thing.

  3. When do you tell them? When they ask. If they ask, they want the truth from you. If they don’t ask, they aren’t ready to know. My son, having ascertained bits of schoolyard info here and there, asked me during the last week of school when he was in grade 2. I told him I would tell him on Friday. So he patiently waited three days. After he got home from the last day of school I told him everything. He was very intent, didn’t ask much in the way of questions. He seemed rather disappointed actually. I think he expected the story to include super heros of some sort. When we walked away he did mumble something about having to wait all week for “that”.

    I told him the truth again – that I made him wait just so he couldn’t go to school the next day and tell everyone! (What I didn’t tell him, was that in reality, I was more worried about what sort of sideways looks or comments I would receive from the parents of those kids who would go home and tell their parents what Jay told them at school. I admit, I was chicken, and I just didn’t want to deal with it.) Anyway, he thought about that for a short moment and then said that he wouldn’t have told anyone anyway cause probably no one would believe him – it was too gross.

  4. When my children were at that age … where they asked questions like that I always told them the truth but kept it short & to the point based on their age at the time … so 6 yrs old I would probalby have gone with something like this :
    your daddy & I love each other so much we wanted a family, in order to make a baby we needed to have a seed from daddy go into an egg from mommy to make a baby grow inside of mommy. Once the baby was growing inside of me my tummy (belly) got bigger as the baby grew. When the baby was big enough to come out of me I went to the hospital and let the doctor help me get the baby out safely. If they asked more detailed questions I would tell the truth & use the real name of body parts etc.

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