Mom blog: Taking a break from the Blame Game.

Mom Blogger Jacquelyn“Who left the bread open?” “Why is the living room light still on?” “Whose scarf is this? “Where is the extra house key???”
You know the drill—once the kiddies are past the “Did you see what Mummy did with her cars keys after we chased after the dog, honey?” you screech out the questions and everyone clams up. No one left the lights on. The fridge door opened on its own. Those boots must belong to a stranger.
I’ve moved further along, and into the Blame Game. “Tessa—why is your sweater there?!” “Graydon! You left a towel on the floor!” “Luka, honey (he’s six, so he gets special consideration) did you mean to leave these toys in the middle of the floor where Mummy would be sure to trip over them??”

I am unerring in my selection of the correct suspect.

Fast forward to last night—race into the house to find the ironing board open in the kitchen.


WE’VE BEEN BROKEN INTO!! No on uses an ironing board in our house from October to April, so it can’t be one of the four of us. Tessa hemmed her tap pants with duct tape, so it definitely wasn’t her. The cat sneers at ironing. The bunnies just chew the cord.

So I had to lead off my inquiries like back in the day:

“Who left the ironing board out?”

No answer, so I raised the volume a tad.

“I did,” said Graydon, and then he actually said, “and thank you for not accusing me.”

What me, a mother, accuse a kid???

My son, 14, ironing. I felt a wash of maternal something come over me. My son taking pride in his grooming, beyond wanting a hoodie with a detachable skull mask and chainsaws on the front. It felt so good. So I had to ask:

“What were you ironing?”

“My money.”

“Your money?”

“Yeah, I want my money to look good.”

“You have money?”

“Mum, everybody should iron their money. It makes the silver foil really shiny, and the bills are snappin’ crisp. Maybe people would respect money more if it looked so good.”

“You have money?” He has money. He’s ironing money. I have to quit the Blame Game for a while. I’m losing my touch.

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  1. That is hilarious. njd

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