Mom blog: Weekend update

Mom Blogger JacquelynSometimes it makes me laugh to think that I think that anyone thinks someone else’s weekend is interesting. Monday mornings at the office were always a series of, “How’s your weekend?” “Whatcha do?” “Do anything fun this weekend?” knowing full well that if someone asked you how yours was, theirs was inevitably better.
Maybe I’m just nosy, or maybe I will always live vicariously through others. I’ve always wanted to be able to answer that question with, “Tried some white-water rafting,” or “Stayed at this fabulous little B&B down the road from a winery,” or even, “Found out what the colour of the floor in my laundry room is!”

So, how was your weekend?

Here’s what I did not do this weekend:
• clean my house
• take down Halloween decorations
• put clean, folded summer clothes in storage boxes (summer is always here before you know it)
• answer e-mails
• sell cat
• buy any Christmas gifts
• finish volunteer fund-raising project
• hurt anyone

What I did do this weekend:
• visited my mum and her new hip
• took her pictures by Luka, the six-year-old, clean socks, a Godiva dark chocolate bar, a pomegranate, some oatmeal raisin cookies
• took some excellent photos of a magnificent incision and spectacular bruising (mum reported that the nursing staff looked askance at her repeated requests for my sisters to bring a camera and document her incision. I have albums of my kids in full chicken pox bloom, my ex’s post-car accident injuries, my son’s countless procedures through his leukemia, so I guess I’m the photojournalist of the icky side of Kodak moments)
• talked to my brother, over from New York, for 1.5 minutes at the front door of the hospital
• watched the Leafs lose
• paid for dancing daughter’s weekend workshop of advanced dance torture, now she is paying for it with an aching back and front and middle and core and arms and legs…
• finished medication for my “emergency” root canal last Thursday—jaw is still aching though…
• STARTED THE REAL LIST FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTING THIS YEAR, and made once again the resolution that I will NOT overspend, and I will MAKE more than 50 per cent of the gifts
• laughed myself silly over the last one.

So, how was your weekend?


2 Responses

  1. My weekend was great and I truly mean that. I went biking on Saturday…did 25km’s…so proud of myself. It was a wonderful weekend.

  2. Do I want to see those photos of your Mum’s incision?? Will I faint?? She says there are some nice colors there!! norma

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