Mom blog: Flu shots are coming up…

Mom Blogger JacquelynOh, dang, here comes one of the worst times of parenthood for me—the willing surrender of my child’s shaking, bony little arm to a needle that looks as thick as a straw and twice as long. Oh, yes, and as sharp as a needle.
You can call it an innoculation or a pinch or a vaccination, my guy, and the guy before him, and the girl before him, they all knew what it was. It was a needle. It was going to be jabbed (introduced, inserted, placed, pinched) into theirfrail little upper arm and stay there while they spilled tears, twisted, cut my arms with their nails, kicked or wound up a mighty shriek—or all five.

My little guy has two coming up in his very near future, maybe only one if his measles titers are good. And even then may be two if we sign up for the flu vaccine.

Which brings me to my question: Are your kids getting the flu vaccine? Yes or no? And why? We’ve had mixed success, and I can’t help but think a lot of what I’m reading in the news is pro-vaccine for some reasons I’m not suspicious enough on my own to glean. So please comment in and let me know your whats and whys. Remember you can always use as well.

I’ll round up your thoughts for Friday.

Bye and see you tomorrow!

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  1. Well my kiddies are all married so I can’t answer for them & the flu shot … however I was with my dear daughter in law when my 2 yr old grand daughter received her flu shot.
    The best suggestion (althoug they have to do it for it to work) is to explain to your son that when the needle is going into a relaxed muscle it hurts but way less then when it has to fight its way into a tight muscle. When we know we are getting a shot we all tend to brace ourselves which means we tighten up all of our muscles. So instead of thinking of the big Ouch we are about to get we need to think warm fuzzy thoughts that will help us stay as relaxed as possible. Yes the shot will still hurt but incredibly less and we will get over it way faster!!! I promise it’s true.

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