Mom blog: I’ll have a G&G, please

Mom Blogger JacquelynIt was on the news last night, and it’s on the news now—college students are mixing athletic power drinks and alcohol, and it’s a bad thing.
Wake up and bang back a G&G—gin and gatorade—because many of our high schoolers already are. Maybe it’s more difficult to get funding to study alcohol use in teenagers at high school than it is to get money to study college goers. I’ll admit it’s kind of ugly to think about studying kids 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 and their booze habits, but study where the action is and you’ll be better situated to educate and deal.

When I was in high school, you were a boozer, a druggie or straight. There was very little if any pressure to change camps. Almost all football players drank, as did the hockey players. No power drinks, so they mixed with Coke. Now, boozers get high, artsy kids get high, goody-two-shoes get drunk, almost everyone drinks. Drinking and dope, drinking and a little x, or shrooms. And a power drink cuts off that hazy, relaxed edge, so you can go longer. What drink is at every soccer, basketball, football and hockey game? Gatorade, powerade, anyade. Study hall, evening jobs, going to the movies, partying and chilling—Rockstar (they actually use the line “party like a rockstar”) SoBe Adreneline Rush, No Fear, Red Bull, Shark—these drinks are everywhere, and they’re so cool and marketed to the hilt. One website pictures their canned product on a little bar table alongside a cocktail shaker and a full martini glass. Duh? Who would ever have thought of putting booze with a power drink?

Three nights ago a friend and I discussed how her 15-year-old couldn’t come to the phone when her mum called her at a Halloween party—the 15-year-old was holding back the hair of a 14-year-old who was throwing up. Powerade and vodka. Basketball crowd. That mom and dad were upstairs. MRockstar can and two empty mini vodka bottles in the lunch bag of “a friend.” I wondered out-loud how any non-athlete could drink those awful-tasting drinks and I was drowned out by the laughing while hanging around with a bunch of kids after a game. Duh, again.

The caffeine in the drinks masks the effects of the alcohol, so kids’ll drink more booze thinking they’re not feeling it, or worse, not feeling it enough, so they’ll increase the intake. Very, very dangerous, kids with hormone-jangled risk-taking abilities impaired by alcohol and over-fuelled with caffeine.

My question: is there any drink container that parent of kids 12 and up DON’T need to swirl and sniff? Sad answer, no.


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  1. It’s sad, but true. And those innocent sleepovers from the elementary years? Now they are just an excuse to drink and not have to go home and get caught. Our teenagers (15 & 17) were not allowed to sleep over starting at grade 8. It really bothered them at first, but they are used to it now. Their friends can sleep here however (I have been accused of a double standard on that rule) but we are here to say hello, how was your night, and make sure they are not drunk. So far, so good.

  2. Wow I am so out of that loop with my children fully grown … but so interesting to learn of these things with little grand babies to watch out for as they grow. Who would have ever thought like that??? Certainly not me! Thank you for sharing this information as it is very important to know what is happening with our youth.

  3. I can’t say I’m shocked but I don’t have a solution except for being like Ho Ho Ho – watch your children and keep them at home and take them to church !!

    By the way, have you heard that in some places Santa is not allowed to say Ho Ho Ho any more because it insults some people ????? What is the world coming to – spoken like a truly worried grandmother. njd

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