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Mom Blogger Jacquelyn
I can’t say there have been many Mondays that I’ve jumped out of bed at 5 a.m. and thought, let me at it! We had some very tumultuous stuff happen this past weekend, not the least of which is that my Mum, mother of four kids delivered in five years, who sewed all our clothes, many of them matching across all four kids—blue tartan skirts for the girls, blue tartan shorts and suspenders for the son—chef of beef Bourguignonne and rum torte that kids were not allowed to eat—dyer of Halloween-costume witches wigs in a cauldron (stew pot) on the stove—tripped and broke her hip on Sunday. I gotta lot to do in a sort time so I can go visit and try to give care to the mum who gave it to me for so many years.
There is a computer there, though, so you won’t miss me!



Yes, we went to The Bee Movie, on opening day, which seems to fire kids up even more. And apparently, when you go on OPENING DAY you have to buy the special “kids movie popcorn tub and glass and kinder surprise present.” The present seems to cost the same as it does every other day, but hey! It’s opening day!

We were seated a full 30 minutes before the movie began, and got to watch—HUGE-size—38 minutes of ads. There were a few trailers, but my! the adverts did seem to outweigh the sneak-peaks, which to be fair, might have been limited because this was a kids’ movie.

So, do you know how the movie came into BEEing? Jerry Seinfeld said to neighbour Steve Speilberg, “Hey you guys should make a movie about bees, because then you could call it Bee Movie. You and I joke around like that, we’re killing time. These guys joke around and and they have the 39.1 mil in their opening weekend, No. 2 to American Gangster.

bee movie

Our family rating—cover 6 and 14-year-old males, 16-year-old female, adult mother of indeterminate age (read: I’m not telling and neither is me mum!)

“That was SO FUNNY!!! and they really know their bee facts” (my 6-year-old has been to many hives at conservation areas, and he knows his bees).
“What’s so funny about yogurt night?” (14-year-old son)
“I love that woman character. She is so totally smart.”
“Love the lines ‘Can a mosquito be a lawyer?’ ‘Of course, I was already a blood-sucking parasite. All I needed was the briefcase.’ (I was falling on the floor with this one—my dad is a lawyer, and a huge fan of all lawyer jokes)
Additional observations: humour hits at all levels; even if you don’t particularly like Seinfeld’s voice, it’s not a problem—he sounds more like a bee than Seinfeld ever did; aerial shots are so neat, inside operation of beehive are EXACTLY what my 6-year-old figured really happened; you can use nectar as a hair gel; bees like to swim in honey; people should find a nicer way to steal honey; why can’t bees marry humans (this is where I said, “Hey! isn’t there some Halloween candy in my purse?!?!?!” and shut down discussion for another day.

Five stars. Take all kids and adults. Buy on DVD when it comes out—probably missed stuff.

DId you see it? Did you like it? Comment (your email will not be made public—I had three Yahoo questions on that—) put it down, it won’t be published. If you’re still worried, comment and say hello at—I comes right to me and goes nowhere else, promise.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Hi Jacquelyn,
    Chronicle Books just released a new book called The Art of Bee Movie. Shows readers behind the scenes drawings, stills etc… on how the movie was made. awesome for all ages.

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