Mom blog: Who really eats the Halloween treats?

Mom Blogger Jacquelyn

Yesterday I asked you a question or two (eight or nine, actually) about what happens with the loot from Halloween trick or treating at your house. Here are just some of the answers (some people had trouble with the submit button, so you can always email me at

Thanks for your responses! We have a PD day today, and are off to see The Bee Movie. A full-scale review will be here Monday morning. If you see the movie, please use the email above and let me know what you and your kids thought—I’ll include it on Monday. Have a great weekend!

    My house looks about the same after a night of trick-or-treating! I toss anything that’s not in a sealed package or wrapper. One house gave my kids Rice Krispie squares in plastic wrap… needless to say, those went out of their bags A.S.A.P! As for who controls the candy, I do! Well not completely, but I put a limit on it. Mind you I’m sure those two go in and sneak some when I’m not looking, but it’s the thought that counts, right? I wanted to add that I just love that illustration at the beginning of your posts.
    Hope you have a few less stressful post-halloween days ahead of you!
    Katherine, Moncton

    I make sure breakfast, lunch and dinner are ‘et first….then he can have what he wants…for two days after Halloween….then….2 pieces a day…whichever. Then I HIDE the candy…or put it out of site….move the hiding spot once a week. By mid-December it is forgotten…and it goes out to the garbage. I send peanuty stuff to Dad’s office…just because he will not eat it…and I will.
    Shae, Toronto

    I take what I want, and shame myself into not eating more. And my dentist’s bill will remind me I cannot partake tooo much!
    Cayden, Victoria

    My son got one homemade craft kit (he loooveed it!) and a tiny pot of playdo. I think the non-candy option is fabulous. That’s what we’ll be doing next year.
    Lauren, Orangeville

    ….I know if I do not stop snacking on H candy within 4 days…4 pounds will arrive and by Christmas I am cranky.
    Shae, Toronto

    A couple I know have the worst luck in receiving totally useless Christmas gifts every year, and the wife takes them to her office, sets up a table outside her office and puts everything there with a donation jar for co-workers to pay what they want for what they take, and she donates the money to a shelter. I borrowed her idea, and took almost ALL my three-year-old’s candy to work. By three thirty today there was nothing left but a couple of hard candies. Better their hips than mine!
    Susan, Mississauga

    It’s a feeding frenzy. My mother never took my candy away, and we just tell our kids what she told me: It’s your candy. When it’s gone, it’s gone, so you better make it last. I made it last until Christmas, and our kids do too. There’s far too much eaten for the first two days, but then they self ration and things are fine. I think it teaches them to manage their assets.
    Rob, Toronto

    I really like your question about the not-candy treats, so I polled the moms on the schoolyard. Here’s what the kids got:
    juice boxes
    kool-aid jammers
    fruit strips
    spider and ghost plastic rings
    Halloween pencils and erasers
    little notepads
    cute barrettes (don’t know what boys got!)
    plastic skeleton hand!
    Jennifer, Kamloops

Have a great weekend, and if you see The Bee Movie, email me your thoughts and your kids’ and I’ll include them Monday morning.



3 Responses

  1. Hi Jacquelyn

    I like to read your blog

  2. I wish I got to actually receive candy this year.
    I think being 16 I can’t pretend to be younger anymore, so the candy is over. Except I can steal from the brothers… hahaha.
    I love you mum!

    Love Tessa
    (ps. this is the best blog written in the history of forever. Just thought you should know)

  3. I cannot even begin to say how funny this topic is because I just told my brother not to eat his Halloween candy before lunch time. Unfortunately, I will admit that I do occasionally sneak some of Joshua’s and Rebecca’s candy from time to time, but I’d have to say I’m not that big a fan of treats.

    Take care, Jackie :).

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