Mom blog: Candy wars

Mom Blogger Jacquelyn

The Morning After

I come downstairs this morning to the kid’s equivalent of a frat party the morning after: pieces of costumes tossed everywhere, trails of candy wrappers leading to piles of “sorted” candy, fallen down black plastic sheets and cardboard skeleton parts, a pink wig,
reflective bags, a pillowcase full of bags of chips (I do not allow pillowcases to be used for candy on Halloween, it looks and is greedy, is there a strange person sleeping somewhere?!?), pumpkin carving designs, half-full glasses (of water) on every surface.

I see no pumpkins—forgot to bring them in—too scared to open front door and survey damage wrought by raccoons/kids.

Kids are slowly getting up upstairs. I hear someone say “my teeth hurt.”

Halloween is over for another year. Now the post-Halloween candy negotiations begin.

How do you deal with the Candy Wars? Do you let your kids control their own candy bags, or do you take over? One piece a day? One chocolate and one non-chocolate? Do you actually throw any out? If so, what goes?

Do you remove what you like, surreptitiously, and hoard for your personal use?

We had toothbrushes, a banana, juice boxes, pencils and erasers, glow-in-the-dark jewellery and a rock (ha! caught you!) in the bags from last night too? Did your guys get anything non-candy?

Weigh-in (that’s sad, sorry) and check back tomorrow.


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