Mom blog: We went to a Halloween party

Mom Blogger Jacquelyn


I wish I had to patience to write some poetry today, because I would like to write an ode to the parents who threw a family Halloween party on Friday night. It was a blast, and it was a testament to what imaginative,
hard-working parents can achieve without hiring out to party professionals (which, in reality, is a career area this woman would excel in!).

To start, kids were invited in costume, and parents were invited to come along and join in the fun. I, however, had misplaced the invitation (in the middle of the kitchen table) and arrived in a silver-spider-web-covered witch’s cap, black-sequined cape and huge silver spider medallion. Hostess mum was a pirate, and one other mum was wearing Western garb, but she looked pretty enough to be a cowgirl, whereas, I was left hoping I looked like I didn’t just throw the cap on because it was drizzling.

They covered their entire side yard with a large tent, one of those backyard gazebo things and a series of patio umbrellas strapped to concrete blocks, with a magnificent tarp over all. It was drizzling outside, but you’d never have known it!

Pirate mum handed out a list to the kids as they arrived with all the activities they could do, each set up at various locations, tables and chairs when called for. Here’s the list:

1) paint a Halloween decoration (hanging ghosts and bats)
2) Halloween mini putt (miniput into the open mouth of a carved jack o’ lantern)
3) junk food station (where as one very stimulated little guy told my little guy—”there’s all the junk food you COULD EVER EAT!!!!”)
4) decorate your own cupcake
5) feel the creepy stuff (totally well done, I had no problem with the eyeballs, and the heart, but the severed fingers made me think of Saw and I got out of there fast)
6) guess the number of jelly beans and gumballs and the weight of the pumpkins and you can win (they put down the name of every child attending so it was easy for them to do on their own)
7) hot dogs.

There were nonstop games, and dancing skeletons hanging around, and loot bags that were really boxes painted dark grey with labels of creepy stuff—my guy’s was labelled “POISON” (my ex dropped by the next day and asked if that was for him [LOL MS/MN]).

My 16-year-old dancer daughter came with me (she loves anything Halloween), and we both thought it was one of the best kid/family parties we’ve attended. The little ones had a ball—no one wanted to go home—and the parents could hang out with each other or their kids, which was very cool.

So three cheers for these parents (I wish I could say who, but I’m sure there are privacy issues all the way around) and others who go WAY beyond the call to make fun for their kids and others—happy memories are priceless.

Did your kids get to any Halloween parties this year? How about the parents??!? A girl at my office couldn’t wait for the weekend—she was going as the Texas Chainsaw Manicurist! What inner you will be unleashed this year. I remind myself that my first impulse was to be a witch. What is yours?


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