Mom blog: GPS kids’ jacket—save me!

Mom Blogger Jacquelyn

I’m sure you heard about the wonder in child-tracking devices for those of us in the frozen north—the BladeRunner GPS children’s jacket. The U.K.-based company BladeRunner announced it was coming out with the jacket in late September, and released it October 20.

It looks like the typical GAP-style fluff-filled parka, but
inside is a little pocket that holds the device. The jacket costs 250 pounds (or $495.41 Canadian, shipping, taxes, duty extra), and for 10 pounds per month (I won’t convert because there’ll be extra charges for sure) you can track you little one on Google Earth maps from the security of your computer or CrackBerry.

You can locate little Leonard to within four metres (and we still can’t find all of your breast cancer, go figure!), and you can even set up a perimeter that, when Leonard crosses it, sends a signal to your mobile phone. Then you can call, wake up your babysitter or get your mate off the TV and start shrieking.

What are these people thinking? Why isn’t someone watching a child playing outdoors? And now that pics of the jacket have been sent around the world, wouldn’t any child-snatcher ditch the coat? And if the kid is doing a runner, and needs the jacket, wouldn’t he or she rip out the tracker and fling it as far as it’ll go?

I’m sure there are viable reasons why someone would want this jacket. Maybe your kids work the ranch, on their own, far apart all day. If one of them doesn’t return by nightfall, this might be a godsend.

But the photo of that little blond waif just makes me think “Where are his parents? Who would let him wander anywhere?”

I’m not sold, but here are Adrian’s digits, in case you want to give him a ring : 07778 157 112


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  1. all of that, very true. I don’t think this jacket is going to be much help; it’s just completely pointless.

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