Mom blog: The Tooth Fairy Cameth

“Cool! Yes!!!”

The shout rang through the house this morning—last night the Tooth Fairy came to our house and deposited a toonie for my 6 year old’s tooth under his Star Wars pillow.

Questions that raced to my mind:

How does the Tooth Fairy know that Luka lost his tooth yesterday when it wasn’t under his pillow?

How many kids’ teeth fall out at lunch and get swallowed or brushed away by the janitor and dumped in the school garbage?

How has the Tooth Fairy escaped renaming to the Tooth Person? Tooth Rebate Representative? Dental Recycling Associate?

Where is Victoria now? Victoria was the little friend who told my daughter that girls got a Tooth Fairy Barbie when they lost their first tooth. Oh yay!

If I got a quarter from the Tooth Fairy when I was 6, and a regular-priced loaf of bread was 27 cents, is a toonie in step with wheat inflation rates when a loaf of Harvest whatever is $2.69??

Oh lordie, it is!

That Tooth Fairy is one smart girl!


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