Mom blog: Cough remedies, no medicine

For Friday (YAY!!!!), a roundup of responses with your best non-medicinal cough remedies. There are some for infants, kids, and, of course, grownups, since we have to keep the parents healthy! Having successfully raised three kids through cough and cold seasons
with no medicine, my top remedies were the DIY steam room, lots of water, freezies, warm water and honey (only after they were 18 months old), propping up the baby, and slanting the mattress when they were older. I tried those mucous suction bulbs on all three of them and had no luck whatsoever, despite what the baby books said. And no one suggested them here, either.

On with the reader suggestions. Thank you so much for replying! Have a great weekend. Talk to you on Monday!


My son had end to end colds and coughs as a baby. We did what the pediatrician suggested, took him into the bathroom, closed the door, and ran the shower really hot until the bathroom was steamy. After 15 minutes or so, we’d rewrap him in fresh blankets and take him out. It’s short term, but was ofter enough to get him off to sleep. — Angie


From baby to adult, I now use a cool mist humidifier, put in distilled water only, and clean it out every day for the baby. If it’s me whose sick, I skip the daily cleaning—who has time? — Pammy


This isn’t really a suggestion, but something I tried that was a complete disaster. Saline drops to put in her nose to help dissolve the mucous. It was horrible! She cried and twisted and spat up and had me in tears by the end of it. It was easier to have the cold! I don’t know if anyone else uses them, maybe I need a lesson! — Candice


My Dad used to make be a concoction of lemon, honey and hot water. Then he would slather vick’s rub over my neck and pin a real wool sock about my neck. If you can imagine. The lemon, honey and hot water actually helped. — Kelly


Wrap a wool sock around their throats, pull a wool cap over their heads and wear thick warm socks. It worked for me when I was a kid, it works for our boys now. — Frank


Maybe it’s something left over from the home country in the Mediterranean, but my grandmother swore that grapes were good for the throat. When her kids and grandkids had a cough, she’d make a concoction of a cup of grape juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey. Sometimes it was warm. Sometimes it was ice cold. We’d also have all the grapes we could eat. Adults, though, were given a tumbler of red wine. The alcohol will kill the germs, she argued, and if you got a nice nap out of it, you’re par for the course! — Jennifer


Not so sure this will help at this point in time but I have always used hot salt water gargle at the very onset of sore throats (as hot as you can stand to gargle with obviously not boiling,scalding) add table salt so that it saturates the water (tastes salty when you gargle) and gargle several times a day from the onset of sore throat symptoms …. but my friend swears by the same treatment only use vinegar instead of salt. Plenty of fluids and lots of popsicles try to avoid ice cream as milk products tend to make you produce more mucus (phelm). — Anne


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  1. I heard this recently by a friend who swears it works. For a cough that keeps a child awake at night, rub the soles of their feet with Vicks Vaporub and put socks on! Apparently good for children or adults with a pesky cough.
    I agree with the hot salt water for a sore throat. I’ve used it for years.

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