Mom blog: From the mouths of babes…

With three people in the house with coughs (I joined the 6- and 14-year-old sons with a sore throat and cough—not strep, thank you!—yesterday) it’s difficult NOT to think about the impact on parents’ lives when they have sick kids.

Yesterday I was desperately running out of options to take care of 6-year-old Luka while I went to the office.

He came into the kitchen, sat at the table across from me and said:

“Why don’t you just say your boy is sick and you have to stay home? That would be easier.”

I answered along the lines that there was important work I had to do at the office, and people were depending on me. He said:

“I think that in every working place they would want you to stay home if your kids are sick. They don’t want your children to be home alone, especially when they’re tiny.”

He nodded very sagely, then went back to his Lego in the living room.

From his lips to our ears.


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