Mom blog: Where did that day go??

Got up.
Worked for 2 hours.
Got kid #1 and #3 ready and off to school.
Worked for 1 hour.
Left for office.
Got called back to get #3 at school with leg pain so bad he was crying.
Went to pediatrician with no appointment.
Got seen.
Sent to lab.
OHIP card expired—no service at lab!
Sent to hospital for blood tests.
Much crying (his, not mine).
Go to Sobey’s to buy ice cream, chocolate and sushi for #3.
Chat with pharmacist—she shows me the Monday night fax from the big drug companies recalling their kiddie cough elixirs from Canadian shelves—yay!
••• Please send me your no-drug remedies for kids’ coughs—I’ll post on Friday •••
Get home.
Bomb threat at #2’s school.
Kids sent home.
#2’s throat is bright red and white scabs. YYUUUCCKKKKKKKK. Can’t figure a connection to the bomb threat, though.
Work for .75 hours.
Back to same pediatrician for strep test on #2.
Drive to 7-11 for throat-cooling slushie.
#1 arrives home with no key.
Frantic phone calls.
Home by 4:00. Make lunch. Call it supper.
Work .75 hours.
Drive #1 to dance.
Dad picks up #3 for visit.
#2 sleeps and coughs.
Work 1 hour.
Pick up #1 from dance.
Visit 7-11 for more slushie for #2.
Work 1 hour.
Big fight over who needs computer more: me for work, #1 for homework, #2 for social networking. #3 happy to play Nintendo.

La la la la la la.

#1’s homework wins.
Work 2 hours in middle of night in peace, then again at 6 a.m.
Hey, where did that day go?


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  1. Not so sure this will help at this point in time but I have always used hot salt water gargle at the very onset of sore throats (as hot as you can stand to gargle with obviously not boiling,scalding) add table salt so that it saturates the water (tastes salty when you gargle) and gargle several times a day from the onset of sore throat symptoms …. but my friend swears by the same treatment only use vinegar instead of salt. Plenty of fluids and lots of popscicles try to avoid ice cream as milk products tend to make you produce more mucus (phelm).

    Sorry to hear your son is suffering with the sore throat!!! 😦 Question for you since there is a lot of talk here in the states about getting the government involved in our health care … could you share how your health care system works & if there are things we should know about before pushing for this here?

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