Mom blog: Halloween decorating, when did this all start???

When I was little, Halloween had one decoration: a jack-o-lantern. Before it was a jack-o-lantern, it was a pumpkin, and it hung out on the back step, not the front step, because it was what it was—a pumpkin. My mum would no more have put a fresh pumpkin on the front step than she would have displayed a comely turnip, or a ripe watermelon.


Pumpkins of graduated sizes sweeping up some people’s front stairs, strings of skull or pumpkin or ghost lights rimming windows and doors, DO NOT CROSS tape draped over railings. On the weekend I took the kids on a driving tour of Halloween-decorated yards, just like my parents took us, except it was Christmas and we went to look at lights and red and green and the occasional candy canes.

Now my kids have declared that our house is definitely in the running—after rummaging around the garage, the dress-up boxes and three (count ’em!) trips to Dollarama, our house is a place I would be happy to creep out the back door of and come out one street south.

We have:
1. a homemade family heirloom on the front door, creepy orange and black phantom with ghosts perched on the shoulders
2. yellow DO NOT CROSS tape across the screen door, hanging from the tree, wrapped around the swing, all over the railing
3. cobwebs stretched over the planters, the remaining flowers, plants and shrubs in the garden
4. at least 10 skeletons or varying sizes and materials, bound to trees, hanging from basketball net, parts of even more skeletons caught in cobwebs
5. big white skulls on stakes driven into the ground
6. skeleton hands woven into cobwebs
7. two BIG branches picked off neighbours’ yards (with permission) and dragged/driven to our house and then decorated
8. grim reaper in bay window, surrounded by blackout plastic (we now have to illuminate the living room/office full-time)
9. garlands of ghosts and bats strung everywhere
10. rubber bats dropping from the porch roof
11. big black spider and creepy cobweb over the house number

OK, there’s more, but I’m tired. Inside is another story, but the rule is “only if it’s visible from the front door.”

The bathroom is safe.


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  1. You’re missing the motion-senored crawling green witch hand that skitters across the floor! If only they HAD this stuff when I was a kid; I would have begged my mother to buy it!

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