Support the FireHunks on October 12


From the Canadian Living web editor:
When we heard about this event, we thought you might, ahem, like to know about it. If you live in the GTA (even if you don’t this worthy cause might convince you to make a road trip), check this out…

Come out and support Firefighters Without Borders (FWB) at the launch of The 2008 FireHunks International Firefighter Calendar!

FWB helps communities in need at home and abroad recover from devastating fires, with equipment donations and public education programs for fire safety and prevention. FWB is a home-grown, non-profit organization started by a Mississauga-based firefighter. Recognizing the need to support FWB, another Mississauga-based firefighter created the 2008 FireHunks International Firefighter Calendar. The calendar features firefighters from across Canada and the US who have put their own time, money and effort into both modelling for and promoting the calendar.

Come out on October 12 to This Is London (364 Richmond St. W., Toronto) from 7:00 pm -10:00 pm to meet the firefighters, see their live show, buy a calendar, see video of some of the amazing work FWB has done, and have a great time!

Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door, and are available by phone at 1-866-9-GET-TIX or online at

For more information on FireHunks, visit


5 Responses

  1. Is it OK to leave a comment on one’s own blog?

    I was preparing to pound the keyboard, and was flipping around the Canadian Living site—who’s kidding whom? I was checking out my blog to see what the heck I’d written last, when I saw this strange man appear on-screen! He looks a lot like my brother-in-law Jim, but why would I have a photo of my seemingly unclothed brother-in-law here for the world (or discerning CanLiving readers) to see?
    HA! It was a gift from my web editor, who has fine taste in calendars.

    As a dedicated and very enthusiastic viewer of Dennis Leary’s Rescue Me, and a person who stands in awe of anyone who can put their life on the line every day, I say buy that calendar and see you at This is London Friday night!

    (For those of you wondering what this has to do with a mommy blog, I’ll bet some of those firefighters are parents…)

  2. You have a brother-in-law that looks like this guy? Oh my.

  3. Hi Jacquelyn – I submitted the FireHunks event info to CanLiving, and I had a good laugh at what you wrote above. I hope I do see you, as well as appreciate CanLiving readers out at the event tonight!

  4. oops, sorry, that was ‘appreciative’ CanLiving readers. And yes, some are parents and some are single…

  5. I’d like to meet your brother in law…

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