Mom blog: Teenage birthday party planning

Birthday party planning is hitting a climax now. My 13-almost-14 year-old son now figures five girls and 15 boys, maybe 18 if they all come. Maybe it’s time to set some boundaries?!? He figures the five girls will love having all these guys around; I explain this isn’t Grade 11, it’s Grade 8. I couldn’t think of much worse at a bowling party than one girl to four weird 13-and 14-year-old guys. I explained that the ratio will look like the girls are an afterthought, to which he replied, very strongly—”No way! They were the first ones on my list, but they travel in flocks and there’s only five in theirs. I can’t add anyone else—they’ll kill me.” My boy is 13-going-on-30! He has more understanding of les chicks than I’ve given him credit for.

I know she can! Dancer daughter is getting that shine in her eyes that means only one thing—the approach of competitive dance season. Yeah, yeah, dancing here, dancing there, it means something different to me—handbeading of costumes. Mummy, in addition to baking fabulous time-consuming cookies, also beads and sequins things. When the bling thing was really hot, my daughter and I sported the most beautiful purses and bags (I did a lot of that while on severence—I used to figure I was being paid to do it, in a perverse way). Well, now I’m not on severence, and making four bagged lunches every day is testing my creative abilities and waking hours. But my daughter is doing her first tap solo to KT Tunstall’s Black Horse & A Cherry Tree, and she NEEDS beading on the skin tight jeans she will be wearing.

So that was my first lead, cherries, because the sequining opportunities tied to a big black horse were kind of scary. I sourced out round red beads made of tiny seed beads all wrapped around, and green rocaille bugle beads and green leaf-shaped sequins in three different shades of green. Even I have purely literal moments, and a few swweping branches of a cherry tree sounded spot on to me. TO ME. Not to dancing daughter. OH MY GOSH (yes,she actually says gosh, not God and I am so lucky) MUM THESE LOOK LIKE CHERRIES!!! Well, er, that is a cherry tree in the song, right? OH BUT MEL (dance studio owner) AND MEL (tap instructor par excellence) DON’T WANT CHERRIES! THEY WANT SWIRLY THINGS! Swirly things, yes, of course. I’ll just tuck away these cherry things for when I hand-bead your graduation dress, or maybe wedding dress…

I went to six, count ’em, stores before I found orange sequins, which I have now added to the pearl pink, irridescent pink and irridescent clear sequins, and ’60s-era big round flat spangly things in orange, pink, rose and red, and tons of similarly coloured beads that I will go blind stitching into a swirly thing that’ll go from her hip to halfway down her calf. She will wear them to four competitions, one dig show on International Dance Day and her studios recital, then never again. This is love for a child. This is something I do to show them I’m thinking about them, that I love what she’d doing, that I want to make her feel special. And they will be so pretty, but, maybe too much for Grade 10 classes, huh?

1) Is there a little thing you do for your child, or children, that is special just for them? Even if they’re too young to know? Or too “grownup” to admit it? Let me know, and I’ll post them here in time for Mother’s Day
2) If I can post a photo on this blog, and even one of you writes to say you’d like to see it, I’ll post my beading for my little girl’s tap jeans (I know, she’s 15, but whenever I do something so homespun, I get sentimental (or senile, hmmm, which is it?).


2 Responses

  1. I would love to see the end results of your beading endeavour on your daughter’s jeans.

  2. Yes I’d love to see pictures … and as for doing anything special for my children (now all grown & married, both of our boys have made us grandparents… while our daughter, newlywed would love to increase our grand children’s numbers ~ we currently have 3 granddaughters)… I always did my best to make their favorite meal & cake for their birthdays. Another thing would be to not tell them where I was going & invite them to join me (their choice) and some times I was merely running errands (to which it was still quality time well spent if they came along) and others I wanted Ice Cream and if they chose to join me they were happy they chose well!

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