Mother’s Day: It Works for Me!

Hello to my Works for Me Wednesday friends!

I have been on sabbatical (just from blogging) and am hoping to be doing more bit by bit. Today’s post is a stretch, since it’s mostly an invitation to share my Mother’s Day gifts! But I will be back next Wednesday with a WFMW traditional post!

I was talking (wailing) with another mother yesterday about how Mother’s Day should just be abolished when the kids decide they are cool. Usually this hits around the teens. In my particular house, finishing Grade 5 is close to the end, because that’s when they move from the wonderful little primary school—which even has the word “sun” in its name—to the up-to-Grade-8-somewhat-scary school. In the “sun” school the teachers and volunteers take great pains to orchestrate the making and wrapping of gifts. In the next school, it’s every kid for him- or herself.

So, from my little sweetheart I got a very painterly daffodil, quite the homage to van Gogh.

The artist and his work

And from my daughter, this incredible thank-you vlog, which made me cry, of course, and which you can feel free to share with any mum you know. I think my girl just put into words what all our children think, if only they would slow down.

Thanks very much for visiting!

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